1804 behind 1404 with apache reverse proxy behind NAT


I am looking to install jitsi on my U1804 server which is behind a U1404 server with an apache reverse proxy, all behind a NAT, and make it public (to start).

The hostnames for the servers are in fact U1804 and U1404 respectively. I am running several small nodejs sites without using docker from U1804 proxied from the U1404 server.

This is what I did so far.

Temporarily, to install jitsi on U1804, I redirected the NAT to send 80 and 443 and UDP 10000 to U1804. I then installed jitsi specifying U1804 as the hostname, and adding self-signing. From the 1804 machine I was able to create a room.

I then switched the NAT back so that 80 and 443 again point to U1404, but leaving UDP10000 pointing to U1804.

I am trying to determine what the apache virtual host files should look like on U1404 to redirect my subdomain jitsi.mydomain.com traffic from U1404 to U1804.

Any suggestions?

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