1066 seems not to generate ssltcp candidates: No video


Version 1066 only generates a TCP (ssltcp) candidate for the sctp channel, but not for media channels. Version 1011 did this correctly.

Below the SDP, but the same is reflected in the JSON when creating a conference.

The TCP interface is configured on the server and detected and I see this here in the logs:

jitsi 2018-06-16 04:12:31.747 INFO: [25] org.jitsi.videobridge.IceUdpTransportManager.log() Initialized TCP harvester on port 443, using SSLTCP:true

Environment details



When I test the latest version on my local machine, I see something similar. ssltcp is only created for SCTP.

I can’t add the sources here because the forum limits to 32k per post, see GitHub issue for more details: