1000 participant in conference (only voice)

Hi Team,

I want to create Jitsi can handle 1000 participants in one conference (only voice). is that possible?


This is currently not possible to have so many participants in one conference. We are currently working on being able create a big conference, which means a hundred participants (audio & video) where we have 20 senders.

1000 participants sounds like a broadcast scenario, where you will have few speakers in the conference and the rest will just listen the stream, which you can test on meet.jit.si by live-streaming to youtube, where you can have millions of viewers not only 1000.

Hi @damencho

I want to make an application like Discord App. which is not broadcasting. in the application all users can communicate. does it mean that jitsi can’t handle big conference yet? Is the scale of videobridge not a solution?

When Jitsi release can create big conference?

We expect to be able to do 100 participant call in a month or so.

It is not just the bridge, it is also the UI.

hi there
what’s the current maximum for simultaneous senders?
and how many people can join one room?