1 of 10 Peoples can't use Jitsi quite often (Connection Problems)

The default that installs coturn it uses standard port for turns 5349 so if you need to run turn on port 443 you need a second domain and follow this: https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/devops-guide/turn#use-turn-server-on-port-443

I followed that, its really hard and i probably missing something because its not well documented.

Fail1: My NGINX is not starting after creating CONF and insert that Stream thing:
nginx: [emerg] "stream" directive is not allowed here in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/turn443.conf:1

Fail2: Last Part of that Docs Page. How what where? No Paths, no explanations what to do with that Code block.
Is that an SH Script? Shall i create a sh script (copy that Code block or … :frowning:

Edit: after first 4 Pages in Google i mixed everything and got nginx up again. How can i check that port 443 can be used for meeting now?

Please share your nginx configuration

if you use Ubuntu as workstation, you can use:

sudo ufw deny out on (your-network-interface) to any proto udp port 10000

with straight iptables it could be something like

sudo iptables -I OUTPUT -o (your-network-interface) -p udp -m udp --dport 10000 -j DROP

if you use another OS I have no direct help for you, but you can check on the server by using the telnet interface for coturn as explained here - search for ‘supervision’ in the (very long) post.

Can you / Jitsi update that Manual/ Docs? I found another thing missing there. In the Folder


i had no mod_turncredentials inside. It was a clean Jitsi installation deb based.
That took alot of time to find out.

And now as i thought it was working, still not okay. I deleted Port 10000 from Firewall and thus Can’t see and here me anymore with Handy vs Desktop Conference. I have p2p off btw, so all should go through Server.
I have found no 100% full manual for Jitsi and the TURN Server with setup Ports 443 !!
Am i missing something?

Make sure that is accessible for the turn server. If you totally drop access to port 10000 of the public IP to jvb, turnserver also cannot send media to jvb so it will not work.