1:1 - Simulcast on -> Firefox bad, sim. off -> Safari on MacOS bad

We habe an untypical setup where almost all of our conferences have only two particpants.
Unfortunately sessions with at least one Firefox user lead to

  • Firefox: LD only, good framerate (30fps)
  • other (eg. chrome): bad adaptive image 200/148 - 400/296, horrible framerate fps 1-30, lag

This led us to experiment with simulcast off (see Disable simulcast with only two participants).
Now the problem shifted to sessions with Safari on MacOS:

  • Safari itself: no problem
  • other (chrome): LD only, 30fps, high bitrate! (obviously higher quality does get sent but not used)

All other tested combinations without Firefox (Safari+iOS, Chrome) are good, with Firefox it is still not perfect, but significantly better than with simulcast enabled.

Any idea on how to improve our results would be greatly appreciated!

I’m assuming disabling Firefox is not an option?

we had that in the other thread :smiley:… not possible. Many privacy concerned firefox users on our site.