1 000 users watching one stream?

Hello all.
At the moment I am using BigMarker to host webinars for 1 000 users in average.
Is Jittsi able to handle 1 000 users watching stream?

I am thinking about dedicated server with Proxmox and VM prepared for Jittsi.

Is this possible?

Thank you for the replies and help.
Best regards.
B C Segar

It’s possible to stream a meeting to a stream server.

All active participant will be in the Jitsi meeting room. The listeners will be outside the meeting, they will watch the meeting through the stream server but they cannot actively participate the meeting.

Thank you for the reply.

So if I need the participants to be able to chat with the organisers and to ask questions for later Q&A session, they will not be able to do so?

By stream server I understand you mean Youtube i.e.?

Youtube or any other stream server which accepts an RTMP push

You can invite a listener to the meeting temporary to ask a question.

Thanks agin.

So in other words, Jittsi itself is not able to server few hunderds recepients?
What is the limit assuming there’s no problem with bandwith and hardware?

I am thinking about Jittsi VideoBridge.

The recommended limit on one JVB is about 100 (some have reported success with up to 150 participants). In theory, you can connect multiple JVBs and aggregate the users, but the issue is the drain on the client machines - they won’t be able to handle 1,000 simultaneous users in one meeting.